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Milen Vitanov

producer, director, animator

Milen Vitanov was born in Prague and raised in Sofia, where he spent many sleepless nights drawing on his first self-made light box. He graduated Animation in 2007 at the film academy Konrad Wolf in Babelsberg and committed himself to the alchemy of 2D/3D-Animation-Mixtures. Starting with his graduation film MY HAPPY END (2007) his animation shorts have participated in many international festivals and received numerous prestigious awards. Milen co-founded Talking Animals in 2009 and is now based in Berlin, spending sleepless nights again while working on his 2D/3D mixture-films as RISING HOPE (2012 also as stereoscopic version), NATURAL NOVEL IN 8 CHAPTERS (2015, poetry based), BANGO VASSIL (2016) and the just premiered February at the Berlinale MISHOU (2020).